Denmark and Finland phase out coal by 2030

At the UN climate conference in the German city of Bonn, both Denmark and Finland Wednesday signed an agreement to phase out coal from the countries’ energy mixes per 2030. In total, 20 countries are a part of the deal.

The annual UN climate conference is currently taking place in Bonn, Germany, and Thursday, there were news from the negotiations in Germany. An alliance of 20 nations, including both Denmark and Finland, have signed a deal, where they commit to phasing out coal from the countries’ energy mix by 2030. Among the 20 countries to sign the deal are also big industrial nations such as Canada, France, Italy and the UK.

The deal should secure, that the targets from the Paris Agreement back in 2015 are reached, and several of the nations who signed the deal have plans, that the phase-out of coal should be completed much faster than by 2030. The hope is, that the deal at next year’s climate conference should be extended to include as many as 50 nations.

In Denmark, the phase-out of coal has been underway for several years. Coal plants are been transformed, and are now increasingly focusing on sustainable biomass. As prices on sustainable energy are meanwhile falling, a phase out of coal by 2030 now seems realistic. In Finland, the switch to other energy sources than coal are also on the way. The country’s wind sector is strengthening and as a new big nuclear power reactor is expected to open in the country within the next couple of years, there should be room to phase out the country’s coal plants.